Pro-biotic elements combined with an excellent Thousand Flower honey: royal jelly, pollen and propolis.  Ideal for sports women and men  and students. 

Jams ‘Extra’ with  Honey

Exquisite aromatic jams  made with high quality fruit and honey.  They can be considered dietetic in that the calorie count is lower than that of normal jams because of the use of honey.

Honey and Hazelnuts

Hazelnut cream and honey;  a high energy product and very digestible, with a flavour very similar to that famous spreading chocolate!

Honey with Dried fruits (peanuts, hazelnuts and almonds)

 High quality dried fruits and Acacia honey ; a great dessert and highly recommended for those with a sweet tooth.


 Thousand Flower honey mixed with the essential oils of rosemary, hyssop, lavender, and red thyme.

 Miniture ‘Mignon’ Honey Jars

 All the varieties of honey are confectioned in small taster jars of 40grams. They can be procured individually or in packs of ten, six or three jars.